This reunion was long overdue & much needed! ♡ #since2001

23.7.2014  +0  

Poke bowls, spam musubi, spring rolls, and Thai tea! Thanks for the dinner, peasants! I mean.. Thanks, friends! @riagracee & @rsoako #betterthanZekes

*drake hands* babysitting little burdy with @what_are_the_audss & @b_nutspa #ilovealexavier

Perks of being single forever..

I can eat nachos and corn everyday and give literally zero shits about the weight gain that’s going to inevitably happen. 

#lastday (at Mount Trashmore Carnival)

Eyebags from days and days. On another note, why the heck am I not getting darker? It’s summer time and my skin is LIGHTENING! #WHY

It always hurts my heart a little bit more each time I have a patient who knows they won’t ever be going home again.

And it never helps my emotions either when they’re as sweet as can be.

It just isn’t fair.

This is how you boat, right? #harborfest #yayforboats

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (1959)

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